Friday, February 26, 2010

Polaroid TDA-03211C red light, does not power on

A few days ago receive a Polaroid TDA-03211C which was powering on to red light, but refused to continue past matter what.

The power board had the main capacitor of the SMPS visually swollen and I decided to replace it, but that didn't help. It looked the power was just fine and I could measure its output.

That left the main board 200-107-GT32XA-AH REV:A as the only component to blame.

After examining the board I found nothing to suggest where the problem might be and without a schematic I would better check for replacements before starting to debug.

Well all 200-107-GT32XA-AH version on Internet had been recently sold!

eBay, ShopJimmy, Discount-Merchant - nobody had it , although reportedly all of them had it at some point, some actually rather recently.

However, I realized there was another board in circulation, the 200-107-GT321XA-BH one.

At the time of writing this it is still available for $125 on eBay from several vendors.

In my opinion, $125 for a replacement board for a 32'' TV is too expensive, but I was lucky to be able to find one vendor who was selling it at a reasonable price and I decided to bite the bullet and try it.

Long story short, it worked and the TV is now just fine.

Another happy customer.

I'd like to think the problem with the board is something minor rather than overheating and disconnection of SMD processor. If you ever find out what is going bad on that board please post it here.


Tony said...

did you find anything further with this? TDA-03211c? I ordered a replacement board and now it turns on but the screen is a very bad distorted almost solid blue after the initial black with white Polaroid start up comes on. I'd appreciate any help.

zynko said...

Thanks for sharing info,,I did order a board,and led did change from red to blue,but seems I have a power board issue cause there's no 24 volts in it.used the method you describe in your blog,put a resistor between 5 volts line and Ps_on but 24 volts didn't show up :S,,power board has the number 860-azo-jk371h .I have some pictures but I just dont't know how to add it heres..Many thanks in advanced..

zynko said...

guess what? I finally could fix the tv :),I just troubleshoot the power board,and as you said about the 200-107-GT321XA-BH works finne..many thanks for the tip..:)

Unknown said...

hello I have the same tv, differant problem ; I use it as a computer monitor. It is set up to stand by when not in use.while I was messing around on another computer it went in stand by mode (tv not the computer) I go to wiggle the mouse like I all ways do and nothing , I looked up and the blue light was on, it turns on and off(the red/blue light)but nothing , no menu screen, nothing. I've replaced the screen once so I've opened it up before. I have tested and tested the power supply(ipos 150) and am fairly certain it is good.Im thinking maybe my cp told it to not turn on , or the main board is bad (anyway to test it) Any help would be greatly appreciated .

ike said...

Me too. replaced the board (twice), unit powers on with both boards but has a very poor picture,, like the resolution is very low,, red and blue ghost like images,,barely make out words on screen. Any idea what this is? Initially I had only a red light and wouldn't power up after unplugging my computer while tv was on.

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