Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HIU-811-M and HIU-811-S replacement in Toshiba 37AV500U

This post is for everyone whose Toshiba 37AV500U powers on without picture.

I apologize for not posting accurately guiding pictures, but at the time I was just fixing the TV, not planning to write about it.


A while a go I got a Toshiba 37AV500U LCD TV broght in store for repair.

The problem was it powered on without a picture and I was quickly able to narrow it down to one of the backlight inverters. Do not remember if it was the master HIU-811-M or the slave HIU-811-S.

Turned out there was only one place where I could buy one and it was like $160 - an insane amount at a time when a practically new 37'' can be found on Craigslist for about $350.

While searching , though, I realized that a completely different inverter was listed for the same Toshiba TV model. It was the LG Philips board 6632L-0506A / 37VT-Y / PPW-EE37TV-0 .
(not sure which label means what so I'll use the shortest one here - 37VT-Y. When searching you may want to search for all of them separately and 6632L-0506A will likely yield best results.)

It is not unusual for manufacturers to switch parts within particular model, usually due to supply problems.

So I figured chances are the above said inverter may be used as a substitute.

I took the leap and ordered one for $80 as opposed to paying $160 for the original HIU-811 board.

Guess what, it worked!

The 37VT-Y board replaces BOTH HIU-811-M boards as it has TWO lamp outputs.

I mounted the board on the place of the left HIU inverter looking from the back. I did so because with a little stretch I was able to directly plug the left cable for the backlights directly into the board.

I also remember that since the board was of a different size I only fixed it using the bottom two bolts; the top of the board was up in the air and I used isolator tape to stick it to base...maybe not the best solution one could think of, but I was impatient to get it working :-)

So the problem was with the wire for the lamps powered with the HIU inverter on the right side. I had to cut and extend the original right sided cable , passing the extension under the LCD (where typically the speaker cables go) and attach it to the second output of the 37VT-Y board.

Here, hope this helps...the TV worked like a charm and not only I paid less for inverter, but I was able to sell the working HIU inverter for about $40 or $50 as well, ending up with a nicely working solution for about $30!

Hope you can do too!

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I may have a 37VT-Y board...and even if I do not, look for it elsewhere...that's the beauty of it, isn't it? :-)


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