Friday, June 9, 2017

Repair Sony KDL-56XBR6 A1557397B T-CON 1-857-253-11 A1556899B

Coppell TV Repair LLC now offers repair service for Sony T-CON board 1-857-253-11 / A1557397B / A1556899B / 1-877-777-11 / 55.46T02.C05 / 55.46T03.C03 used in the below listed TVs:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Vizio XVT3D554SV, XVT3D474SV and XVT3D424SV repair offered

With a few years delay we're updating customers and Internet in general that Coppell TV Repair LLC is offering repair services for the main boards for the XVT3D series from Vizio, namely:

As with  (almost) everything else, we test those boards both on the way in and the way out of the shop as can be seen here:

We also have replacement EEPROMs for those main boards, which you can find at

Every now and then we also have boards available for purchase with trade-in option for the old dud (CORE purchase), but customers frequently either do not return their boards or return them so badly damaged they either can't be repaired or can't be sold or warrantied because of the way they look....and that unfortunately ends up the sale-repair-sale cycle until anther board becomes available.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Samsung UN50H6203AF no image issue troubleshooting

In the past month we've seen a few units of Samsung UN50H6203AF in the shop with the same issue - TV starts up, backlight is there, but there's no image on the screen even though the T-CON LEDs are on in blue and it appears as if the T-CON is just fine.

Testing output voltage to the LCD panel shows that at first it gets a spike of proper voltage, but then goes down to 0.

Then we actually ended up "repairing" (though frankly I still don't dare call this repair) one of them with another one currently waiting. The "repair" is something we've done before as a last resort by means of losing portion of the panel and re-purposing the TV for digital advertising or other situation where one could go with missing an inch or so of the display.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Repair for DELTA DPS-171CP A / DPS-162KP-1 power Sharp LC-70C7450U LC-70C8470U LC-70LE847U now available

This is just a simple announcement that Coppell TV Repair LLC is now offering a repair service for power supply board DELTA DPS-171CP A and other boards based on PCB DPS-162KP-1 as shown on the image below. The following Sharp models are known to use DPS-171CP A:

There are several different problems we've seen with this board.

One is where the board is totally dead and there is no +5V standby voltage. The TV is then totally dead, of course.

Another is failure to turn on upon being told so by the main board; this results in series of two fast and two slow blinks in the TV.

There sure are failures we have not seen yet.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Which board to send for repair - original or one from eBay?

QUESTION from the mailbox:

Item: VIZIO XVT473SV REPAIR SERVICE FOR MAIN BOARD 3647-0312-0150 / 3647-0312-0395

Dear coppelltvrepair,

Have two boards, original and one purchased on line. The original has the blinking logo- will not turn on. The purchased one (got screwed) seemed to work, but no picture or audio at any port, otherwise responds to inputs.

Which card would be best for repair. No sense it repairing both of them.

(short): Send both!
(long) : A component level repair of something you have not yourself created is hardly ever a certain thing (more on that shortly) and the truth is we do not know for sure if either of the two, or however many boards you have, will end up functional. We have some statistical data, of course, and if listing is still up then this statistical data is in our (and your) favor that yes, it will be, but it's still not a sure thing.

Without knowing what is wrong with a board it is wrong to assume it can be fixed and without having seen and inspected the board it is wrong to assume its condition.

We do know for sure, however, that the more boards we receive, the higher the chances of a) us having them at least one fixed and working well; and b) us failing to service one, at least in a matter that makes is practically meaningful for both parties.

The very best guidance we can give is that we do NOT want boards that have visible signs of tampering (says so in the listing), traces of rust or other reactions resulting from nature or human impact on the board.

I can also say boards from random, small eBay sellers can easily come with invisible and possibly fatal defects; say user Joe has parted his TV and possibly a few other TVs and has made a little side business selling parts...Joe wouldn't be handling boards professionally, he's probably stacked them somewhere or threw them all in a box and when one sells he just goes hunting for it in one of the boxes and pulls it out.

Boards lay back to back, they scratch off each other and SMD capacitor or resistor or diode easily gets ripped off in the action. Good luck finding it!

Of course you aren't guaranteed against that happening with any board, but you get the point.

So to summarize, if you have one or more boards you pick the one that looks the most neat and send it if you want to send just one, or you send several if you want to increase the chances of us producing a working board.

You can have the rest back, we won't repair and charge you for more than one if you want one. You may end up paying a little extra and , worst case scenario, you may received back a board that has been worked on and it's still not functional, but that other board you'd send may as well save you another money and time for the mere cost of a combined shipping surcharge.

You can have your boards back or you can leave/sell them to us (no guarantee we'll be buying anything, but we might make you an offer if you indicate you do not need more than one back).

Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to test Sony KDL-50EX645 power supply DPS-162LP / 1-895-316-11

I just made a video for a customer on how to test the board we've sent him as well as his own Sony KDL-50EX645 power supply DPS-162LP and I thought I'll include a link to it here:

The most common failure of DPS-162LP causes the TV to be blinking 7 times, and is manifested in lack of 24V upon signaling the board as shown on the video.

Of course other failures are also possible.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why service technicians tend to be grumpy

I've seen that before and I may have written on that before.

There was a period in my life when I was going around doctors like crazy trying to find a solution to losing vision with one of my eyes. I didn't find a solution, but I found out that the higher in the hierarchy the doctor, the more grumpy he or she tended to be; you were supposed to get in, follow instructions and get out; only feed information when asked and exactly as asked; free input was not much appreciated.

I later noticed I tend to develop the exact same symptom in my repair service business.

It's mostly because people tend to love talking in hope that will help them, whereas most of the time - at least in my experience - what they talk about has little or absolutely nothing to do with the problem at hand.

In their laymen heads they see a connection even if there is none ("it worked 5 years and it stopped when we moved it in the kitchen, but there is surge protector there, but there's also a fridge and I was thinking....").

They shouldn't be blamed for that, but at the end of the day they come to us to have a particular problem solved at a fixed and fairly low price, which does NOT include listening to lots of guesses, let alone education on why those guesses are wrong.

And those are the mild cases.

This post , like the one before, is about one of the not so common, but more aggressive cases of human idiocy that we have to deal with and which make us grumpy.

See for yourself, directly from our email (only revision to the text is the link added to the listing on eBay that was paid for):

From: Isaiah Kanda []
Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2017 12:01 AM
To: Coppell TV Repair LLC
Subject: Coppell TV Repair. Contact us

From: Isaiah Kanda -

I purchased a Sharp LC-42SB48UT power supply 715G4009-P1A-H20-003U / ADTVA2415SA4 off ebay from your company and all you guys sent me was a package saying "thank you for your purchase" WITHOUT the $70 item I bought from you guys, on top of that the package already says "delivered" and if this is the case I want my money back, I didn't just spend $70 fucking dollars for a week of patients for a sheet of fucking paper. Your shipping instructions Btw is horseshit and I better get this shit or you're gonna have a lawsuit on your fucking hands this is bullshit.

My TV model is: Sharp

This customer:
1) Has not read the listing or does not have the mental capacity to process it (no offense meant)
2) Has not read the follow-up email clarifying what was purchased or does not have the mental capacity to process it
3) Has not read the follow-up snail mail notification or does not have the mental capacity to process it
4) Uses profane language
5) Makes threats that are virtually baseless and even more certainly impractical as any lawsuit is going to end up costing him way more than what they've already spent.

From here on I can only make an educated guess that he won't be willing to recognize his own failures as the biggest contributing factor to the problem he's facing and will continue making demands.

You see, we like working with customers, not for customers, from which immediately follows that we are not willing to go for every customer.

What we don't want to is to end up paying for their lack of qualities, including ability to read and process information and communicate in a respectful and civilized manner.

Is that too much to ask for?

It looks like it is.

Which is why we tend to get grumpy :-)