Saturday, April 22, 2023

Labeled "Extremely rude" by eBay buyer - right or not

The following review was posted today to our eBay account:

 The part was sent quickly and works well. The seller was incredibly rude when I questioned whether it was the correct part after placing the order.

Buyer: sambodger (170)

The management at Coppell TV Repair LLC takes pride in the ability maintain control over one's vocabulary and expressions - so the "incredibly rude" label prompted instant attention and, of course, verification.

Below is the full exchange, no modifications, between the said customer and Coppell TV Repair LLC.

It does not meet our criteria for "rude", let alone "extremely rude".

If you want examples for what would meet such criteria, read some of the negative reviews posted on eBay. Calling names, denoncing, making false factual statements concerning personal qualities etc. - that is what we call rude or extremely rude.

None of our responses came anywhere close to that.

We had to deal with a customer who placed an order and then came back to report that what he ordered, while seemingly what is described and shown , is not exactly what is put in the title, and expecting us to tell them if it is the same as what they have on their end. 

Certainly not rude BTW. Naive? Silly?

Let us know.

Here is the full exchange:



Hi, I’ve just purchased this from you but, looking at your website I’m a bit concerned that I’ve ordered the wrong item.

I have an LG 34UM68-P 34-Inch Ultrawide, so if this is not the correct item, could you please let me know. If you have the part I need, I am happy to pay the difference.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,


First, we are not allowed to discuss listings at our website on eBay hosted communication forum, i.e. anywhere under unless by "your website" you mean our eBay store and not own corporate website, which I am not allowed to name/type directly.

Second, what specifically is what raises that concern of yours that this is not the right board for 34UM68-P?



I have just received the message that the part has been sent. If this is reversible, could you please undo this.


This is the board that is used in 34UM68-P.

The plastic housing it goes into is different for different models, but the board is correct, which is the reason it was shipped even after your clarification that you need it for 34UM68-P.

The USPS carrier has already been here to drop off and pick up the daily it is on its way to you.

Looking at other selling it for $120 I think it is not a bad deal after all.


So does that mean I will be able to use the joystick to repair the broken one on my monitor?

It’s only not a bad deal if I am able to use it to fix the broken part. Otherwise, it’s not particularly good. 


Again, this is the exact same PCB that 34UM68-P has inside and we know because, as you can tell, we repair and sell main boards for that monitor, which also means we have one here that we test against everything that we repair.

Which again means we do know what's inside of it.

And yes, the deal is only good if this is the same board that you could replace inside.

We know it is the same board, but we do not know if you could replace it successfully.

That part is an assumption on our end, but you take the risk for it...we do not.



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