Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gone until late August...and some useful tips

First off, sorry for not posting for so long!

Been busy with things, mostly with being too lazy to post. And maybe too jealous of  people reading my blog and figuring how to fix stuff rather than paying me for doing it.

It's a wrong thinking, I know.
In an attempt to fight with this direction of thoughts and general attitude as well as to compensate for the recent and coming period of silence I'll post a few quick answers to questions that I've been receiving a lot lately.

Second, I'm flying back to home Europe tomorrow and will be gone until August 20th. Do not expect to hear from me until then...sorry...and have fun!

Now, the promised quick QA session:
  • How to find which ICs are burned on buffer boards LJ92-01203A & LJ92-01202A?

    Quick answer: use ohm-metter in diode test mode, ground to all output pins; run probe slowly over pins and if you hear continuous beep you've found a short.

  • How to tell which of the IXTA36N30P transistors on LJ41-02759A / LJ92-01200A is shorted without having to unsolder all of them?

    Quick answer: use ohm-metter and measure drain (tab) to source and drain to gate; all drains are common and all sources are common; gates are connected through low value resistors so most drain-gate and drain-source will read mostly same and usually pretty low. However, the shorted transistor (it's typically just one) will read 10 to 100 ohm lower on drain-gate.
  •  Is it just YPPD-J015C and YPPD-J016C that typically burn on 50'' plasma sustain boards that CoppellTVRepair services?

    Quick answer: Unfortunately not. About 50% of the time there are also other components that burn.
    Alas, could not say more than that at this time.