Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to test LG EAY60968801 power supply board

LG EAY60968801 is used in a number of 50'' LG TVs from the PK series such as LG 50PK750-UA.

We often get asked how can the customer be certain that their EAY60968801 power supply is bad before sending it for repair.

Nobody likes wasting time and money on moving good stuff around, including us.

Well there's a REALLY simple way of testing that particular board - and many others.

We've actually already disscussed it in a past article for another similar board:

In a nutshell, if you disconnect all cables but the AC power cable and then connect to AC the board should click once and all output voltages on it, including Vs should be present.

If the board clicks once and then once more within a second or so then it is bad.

The key here is to make sure you disconnect the other cables!

And here's a link to the repair service for the board: