Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First post

Well, there's got to be a starting point for every thing and this is it for this blog.

Coppell TV Repair has started as a side thing, almost a hobby, which then turned into experiment.

My original passion for engineering has started with electronics , but has been overshadowed by my passion for computers and programming.

One of the key reasons for that was that I was apparently better suited for software where it's harder to mess up things beyond a very costly repair.

It's also less life threatening.

At the time - early 80s - TVs were still those big old cathode tube boxes whose CRT tubes operated at 10-20 kV - not a nice prospect for the young enthusiast.

Add that to the few times I blew up amplifiers mostly due to my impatient nature and you'll understand why software has won as soon as I saw a computer.

Anyway, things turned so that after many years I started playing more with electronics and TVs in particular.

In this blog I will try to keep sort of a log of the interesting and useful things I come accross in this trade of business.

Hope you find it useful!