Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Repairing LG 60PB5600-UA 60PB6650-UA no image problem - bad EBR77186101 only hint

Just posted a video yesterday discussing a unique manifestation of otherwise common problem we've seen and documented in LG buffer board EBR77186101 found in LG 60PB5600-UA, LG 60PB6650-UA and possibly others:

Presently we do test and service the buffer boards through the LG YSUS board EBR77185601 repair service listing or through the whole LG EBR77185601 / EBR77186101 / EBR77186201 trio exchange service.

Only the capacitor that tends to go bad was bad; the other two were not.

Also, the other two have different values, even though they are in parallel; must be because they are designed to suppress different harmonics.

Also, just a reminder that this is the first time we've seen ONLY the buffer board fail; 99% of the time we've seen a problem with those sets it's because of a failed YSUS board.

Note the capacitor from the buffer is now included in the repair kit for YSUS EBR77185601 .

Sunday, May 27, 2018

LG 55LX6500 / LG 55LX9500 main board repair services now offered

We've launched a number of LG main board repair services over the past month and I thought I'd use the blog to update web crawlers and anyone else who cares:

LG 55LX6500 main board repair service:

LG 55LX9500 main board repair service:

The most common issue for those boards is coming from the main processor, which is an LG branded and enhanced version of the 3549 multimedia processor platform found in many TVs from same time frame , but enhanced with LG proprietary stuff, so no regular 3549 can be used in place of the LGE3549XS or LGE3549XSP  ICs.

The issue is not with the chip itself, actually, but with the BGA underneath it, which corrodes and gets detached eventually.

One problem with those boards that was stopping us in the past - and is still a concern for everyone working with them - is that they PCB itself is very tiny and prone to warping under heat.

Now we have a high-end automatic professional  BGA rework station - can be seen in some of our videos - which allow for much more precision and reliable operations than before.

As such, it allows us to provide repair services we didn't dare to offer before and at a cost that is actually lower than what we would have done before.

If you want to know if we offer repair for a particular board, just search for it at !