Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From the mailbox - I am not making these up!

Below are some quotes from our correspondences with customers.

No offense meant, but I can't help but point out that a stronger dose of attention to detail  is strongly recommended when trying to repair a device known to raise input voltage of 110AC.

What are symptoms of y sus board in my tv? (TV is HP PL5060N)

Symptomatic for the YSUS board in HP PL5060N are the two large near square aluminum heat sinks sitting in a vertical line (one above the other) next to a smaller heat sink with 5 components on it; another symptomatic behavior of the YSUS is its tendency to display itself to the naked eye on the left side of the TV in days when the back TV cover is off its place.

If you have those symptoms you almost certainly have a case of a YSUS in your TV.

Question 2:
 My light is on stays red when you push it and nothing.

Answer 2:
Still thinking how to respond to that one.

Question 1: 
Recibi un sobre con un numero de ratreo y una nota dentro pero no dice cuando recibire mi articulo solo dice que si quiero cancelar llame o envie un correo Quiero respuesta lo ante posible

Answer 1:
I am sorry, I do not speak Spanish.

Question 2:
Fuck you then, you must speak Spanish!

Question 1: (a statement actually)
i am canceling my order and i will be going to my bank tomorrow to stop payment because i was led to believe i was buying a board no buying a box to send in my board

Answer 1:
Sorry to hear about your experience.
Would you please kindly let us know who or what let you believe that you were buying a board and NOT a repair service (and most certainly not a box of any kind to send yours or any other board)?

Was it
a) the title, stating

b) The first paragraph in the listing stating
"Coppell TV Repair offers a REPAIR SERVICE for the power board shown on the picture below and used in certain Phlips/Magnavox 42'' plasma TVs.
REPAIR SERVICE means that you have to send us your malfunctioning board that we will attempt to service, test and return to you."


C) something else

Kindly expecting your response ASAP.

Question 2:
I viewed a board on ebay and there was a cost for the board nothing stating a return board for repair and my message from Ebay and Pay Pal was my board had been shipped. not that a box had been shipped. this is fraud and I will persude action on my end to stop my payment .

Answer 2:
If you were being scammed hardly anyone would have bothered responding to you in polite and factual manner.
Perhaps opening the listing and reading it would get you on a better track.
Why don't you try it as opposed to throwing incorrect claims at us?

And yes, your claims are incorrect.

First this is not a scam or if it is then nearly 5000 people missed on it and reported happy outcome of their experience. That is too much for a public scam.
Second, you may have viewed "a board" on eBay, but you have clearly not reviewed the listing. Because the quotes in the previous post come right from it and they are NOT in fine print. On the contrary, they are in bold, red letters at the very top of the listing.
All our repair service listings start in that fashion - something, which is easy to verify.
Third, you will not be able to show me any place in the listing which shows "cost for the board" as in your claim. I dare you!
You probably have a message from PayPal that your item was shipped, correct. And that message is incorrect, which is explained in the shipping instructions sent to on Sun 2/3/2013 11:55 PM - just after the order was made and just as promised in the listing. All purchases for repair services receive shipping instructions and yours was not any different.

And then, because many absent-minded people place orders without never actually reading what they are buying - even if it is written in the title or the picture - we also send a follow-up snail mail reminder.

THAT is what was shipped to you. Not a board, not a package either. A reminder to send us the board you want serviced or, at the very least, something to bring your attention to the listing contents.

So now, would you please PLEASE open the listing and actually READ it?
Regardless of whether you want to use it or not - either is fine with us - would you PLEASE do what you were supposed to do in the very beginning?

Yesterday I checked for 24v on the power supply board, between pins 1 of connectors 1304 and 1309.   What do you think?  Is that a sign the board needs repair?
- Fred

No, the fact that you checked for 24V on the power supply board, between pins 1 of connector 1304 and 1309 is not a sign that the board needs repair.