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Finding truth through fact checking and exposing contradicting statements

(The title of this posting was "I can't stand liars contradicting themselves and still arguing", but it was rightfully pointed to me that it doesn't present a seller in a good light to call customers liars, so I changed the title.
Nothing in the article was changed, though, nor, I think, its relevance or validity - a factually incorrect claim/lie  is still a factually incorrect claim/lie.)

 In the light of everything the political life brings us lately in America (but which has been brewing for a long, long time) I thought I just had to disclose this, which would throw some light for those wondering what kind of company we are that doesn't thank and worship his honesty the Customer as has been historically adopted as a norm of behavior in the good old western world of Capitalism.

This is not about Capitalism, however, nor for best and worst practices for creating and maintaining customer confidence.

it is about something deeper than that - the human decency and sticking to right and wrong.

There are plenty of people I do not agree with on all kinds of topics, but that doesn't make them my enemies, only my opponents.

There are plenty of people I don't think are telling the truth, but they are not necessarily liars - some of them just believe what they say is true as much as I believe what I say is true - we just see the world through different paradigms.

And then there are people who contradict both their own statements and apparent indisputable facts.

No, this is not about Donald Trump, but for this type.

So the latest negative feedback we got on eBay states:

"Sends unproperly packaged items and when damaged takes no responsability."

Spelling issues aside, this sentence makes two claims:
1) We send poorly packaged items;

2) We take no responsibility for doing so.

Below is the full , unedited exchange between us, which happens to address both of those (bold and underline are mine).
As can be seen in our FIRST response we take responsibility for resolving the problem the customer has by instructing them to return the item they are unhappy with for prompt refund or replacement - entirely in line with normal business practices and eBay requirements.

And as can you see further down customer himself states the item has no signs of damage in transportation, which, according to his own logic (bold, underline) means it was well packaged.

There may have been an oversight in the first place - something to which we again clearly admit in the messages - but that is not referred to as packaging.

I do not know what the truth is here. I believe the customer has indeed received a damaged item.

Whether we didn't see it when we were packaging it or whether it got damaged during shipping is impossible to find and hardly relevant to the extent that even if we could so,ehow manage to prove that USPS damaged the item that would still not award us with absolutely anything since there is no coverage with items sent via First Class.

I will point out I do NOT agree with the logic (bold) that if a package is damaged then it means it was poorly packaged. If that was true there would be no need of claims against carriers ever.

In conclusion, this buyer got something that was somehow not meeting their expectations, complained as they should, were told to return it (seller always pays for that) for exchange or refund and for some reason did not like that option.

Not sure what other option were we supposed to offer. Money back?

But everyone could make such a claim and everyone can bend feet and send picture. Who are we to say who is honest and who is not?

And how to believe this customer was honest when they left review which is flat out lying in us not taking responsibility?!



I finally received your TSOP48 adapter, and when I first took it out of the package and removed the pink anti-static foam from the pins immediately noticed that there where 4 really very badly bent pins (down to almost 90 degrees) in one row, and 3 more way out of shape pins in the other row although not as badly bent as the others. There was no apparent damage on the outside of the package, and as I said before the anti-static foam was in place although only very loosely put against the pins. I do not understand what happened here, if this was shipped this way with the damage already in place, or it got squashed during shipment. But in any case this adapter is pretty much in bad shape as I am sure one or more pins will break off if I try to straighten them up. I took several very detailed pictures of the damage that I can send so you can see the damage. Will await to hear from you. Thank you.


Coppell TV Repair LLC:

Well you have seen that the legs are in foam and you should be aware that
if legs were bent we would not have been able to put it in the foam in the
first place.

No need of pictures, just use eBay's function for returning
items for refund or replacement.

As someone who does electronics for
years, though, I very seriously doubt any type of bending, as long as it is
one time, could affect the legs in any fatal way - I'd just straighten them
and use the socket.

Not advising you to do that, I already told you what
to do; just sharing my reasonably solid experience using such things.

Well as I mentioned the bottom pins where actually NOT stuck into the foam, as I received it the foam was just loosely placed behind the adapter inside an anti-static bag. I meant to ask if you did pack this personally, as given the absolute lack of any sign of damage on the outside of the package, in other words that this might have been packed by a third party that did not bother to check it before sending it off. So unless the former is true, in any case the fact that this happened during shipment clearly shows that it was not properly protected. And the 4 pins being bent almost to 90 degrees (basically almost flat) with respect to the bottom of the adapter and all the other surrounding pins are just fine that tells me that it had to be quite a localized blow which I would think would have left a visible mark on the outside of the package, and there was none. I've been in electronics for the better part of 40+ years, just so we are clear here that I am also very experienced. And BTW sorry but I am not going to mess around with it or bother to return a $10 item as it will cost me more in my time and expenses than that. I will post the pictures online and send you a link a bit later so you can reach your own conclusions based on that. Thank you.


Coppell TV Repair LLC:

I did package that personally.

And frankly - no offense - I think you are paying way too much attention to it.

It is certainly possible - however unlikely - that I have not placed pins through packaging material
even though I take them off one roll to put the one being shipped into  another, thicker sheet, which I then cut around.

Whatever the case mistakes happen and while I don't think I've made a mistake neither the
value nor the time of resolving the issue are worth spending time looking for how it happened.

Just send it back for refund or exchange as I said before.

No system is made to be perfect, let alone one that deals with $10 tickets.

Whether the system is good is determined not by whether it makes mistakes, but by how many mistakes it allows per total number of operations and how it handles them.

All those are metrics followed by eBay and we offer the fastest and easiest solution in this case - return at
our expense and request credit or exchange.



I am paying too much attention, this is what you say?????

I received an adapter with badly bent pins and you say I am paying too much attention????

Again, want to make sure this is really what you are saying????

WTF buddy.


Coppell TV Repair LLC:

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

You were told instantly what to do to resolve the problem and instead of doing so you keep on focusing on something being bent.

That's not going to make it less bent nor will it establish with any reasonable certainty why was it bent; it does not help you or us or anyone to keep on staring at it.

This is a transaction that involves multiple parties - yourself included - and there is a protocol for resolving issues.

We are playing by this protocol.

You appear to be more interested in establishing the reason for the problem in the first place.

Nothing wrong with that as long as you do it on your time, but don't expect us to have the same focus on why something has happened rather than how to fix it.

And if that sounds wrong - because frankly in other circumstances I have to admit it would sound wrong to me too - then let me clarify: there is clearly no way to prove which party was at fault.

If there is to you there isn't to eBay , let alone USPS and because we work with them for many years there also isn't to us.

So, instead, for a third time: if what you received does not meet your expectations you are not only allowed to, you are expected to return it for prompt return or refund, just as the listing advertises.

At our cost.

There is no system that guarantees you trouble-free first time experience. We don't advertise it because we know it isn't in our power to deliver it.

We only do what we can do and under the circumstances this is to receive the faulty part back and exchange it or refund you.

Everything else is, for the last time, looking in the wrong direction.

Unless you share my opinion, which I still hold, that no one time bending would severely affect the pins of this socket. I know because I've seen way more sockets and bent pins in my life than I care to count and I have a pretty good practical experience of what they can take.

But I do not expect you to take that view, I just share it in case it helps.








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