Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vizio P42HDTV10A repair - how to test for shorts

From today's mail:

Dear Coppell TV Repair,

    just got a Vizio P42hdtv10a in, it has a bad ysus board I think, how do I test for shorts?
This post comes at least 4 years before it should have been posted, but then again if emails keep arriving asking about it I guess it is not too late either.

Vizio P42HDTV10A is based on the same plasma display technology by LG (read: plasma display, sustain and buffer boards and main plasma logic controller which orchestrates them) as many , many other TVs from many, many other vendors.

There is a known culprit in the two sustain boards , which are practically wearable and certain to fail after so many hours of use.

To find out more just refer to a related post I've made a few years ago about troubleshooting HP PL4260N:

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Yzark Giarc said...

Would this be the same as a Visio VP422HDTV10A?

Coppell TV Repair said...

No...VP422HDTV10A is different, it is based on Samsung boards and it is newer.

The most core things are the same - it is still a plasma TV after all, but the details are different meaning that different things (probably) fail in VP422HDTV10A and the corelations between them would be different too.

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