Friday, April 2, 2010

Polaroid FLM-3232 power board R0804-0901 repair service offerred

I spent some time familiarizing myself with FLM-3232 power board R0804-0901 and as a result I now offer repair service for it.

Apparently the board is prone to burning and unfortunately it's not just due to drying out filter capacitors - it involves active elements too.

If you need yours repaired you can find the service here.

UPDATE: I posted an article on how to test the board so that you do not send it for repair without having to.


Smartboycha said...

Hey My polaroid went off, so how i can fix that HD TV stay on???

Seabolt said...

Checked Capacitor C43 made by LTEC. It had slight bulge at the top. I desoldered it, and the bottom was blown out. Got another one put in, voltages came back up to 24v. Red LED came on and tv powered up. Plan on replacing the 2200 micro-farad caps at the bottom left also, they are both made by LTEC. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

i have a 32 in FLM 3232. the blue power light turns on but i have no picture. how do i fix that?

sammiesnake said...

hi can anyone help i have polaroid difinia 40in it turns on but turns off after 5 mins i have been told it is power board but cant find 1 any where only info i have is on part it states Tatung p/n F693006668 thanks

Unknown said...

Did u ever fix it

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