Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The mysterious case of Dynex DX-L32-10A / T-Con 315WA01C

Got your attention, didn't I? :-)

315WA01C is the T-Con board used in Dynex DX-L32-10A 32'' LCD TV introduced by BestBuy about a year ago.

Here is what the board looks like:

The mysterious thing about it is that a year after the TV reklease, Google can still find only 5 (five!) refernces to that board at all!

And it's been that way for the past few months - I know because I've been looking for it.

Oddly enough, one of the few links leads to a PartSearch actual product offerring , but not unexpectedly, their asking price is comparable with the price of a new TV of same or similar cheap brand.

One thing that puzzles me is if it's the board that has gone bad or the LCD itself as some of my sources claim.

It is hard to be sure, but I first determined that the LCD supply power is there on the T-Con output - 15V and 3.3V, which, even though not a guarantee, is a good sign as far as burned T-Con boards go.

And then I played some with my fingers through the T-Con while TV was working and for a second I got - I swear - proper image in the middle of the screen!

So I'm leaning towards the probability of the T-Con gone bad.

Yet I still feel bad ponying up $75 just to try. Especially for a model that has been unofficially discontinued and apparently not supported.

If I decide to try it I'll let you know.

For the time being, just stay out of Dynex, all right?


Unknown said...

I got a 32" dynex that I stripped down for parts because of a cracked screen, and it still worked through that cracked mess. but obviously not watchable.

I still have the dynex power supply, digital board, and t-con laying around.

Lynn said...

If you still have the parts, I would be interested in buying them. 817-504-3649, lynnkitts@msn.com. I work in Coppell.

travisleemusic said...

I have a 50px1d. I am a tech. I have sound and the red light changes to green and stays that way but no picture. I tried replacing the y sustain, put the old one back and at a later date replaced the top bottom y driver boards.... still have blank screen..

The reason I am hesitant to replace the z sustain is that I have another z sustain that I repaired the tv with a year ago.I was getting background and a faded picture... If my newer z sustain went bad it should follow that reinstalling the old one should at least produce the same faded picture..If everything else is ok. but There is no picture at all...

I have also replaced the lvps and that makes no difference...

What should I do next? send boards to you for verification.. Could it be a logic board and all works, green light and sound?

502 442 0565

Anonymous said...

I just called Dynex because I'm having issues with my Dynex DX-L32-10A's tuner too. They said that you could go ahead and order replacement parts through them, but I didn't ask to see how much they cost. Granted, they're probably pretty expensive, but if you really like the television, I suppose it's worth it.

Unknown said...

I'm having nightmarish trouble fixing my Dynex, model DX-LCD42HD-09. Issue was, red standby light, nothing else. After searching, probably the PS Board. Looked at it, and every other board in the TV, and nothing *seemed* bad/burnt/burst (capacitors etc.). Took a gamble and ordered a PS Board anyway. Received, installed, no change at all. Considered bad Main Unit Board. Again, gambled and ordered new 1 (the ONLY ONE on the internet). Installed with old PS Board, turned on, GREEN STANDBY LIGHT YAY! However, no picture or sound. (curse violently) Open it up, install new PS Board, thinking with both new boards installed, surely it would work. RONG. RONG RONG RONG. (begin throwing anything/everything in sight) Same issue, green standby, no pic/sound. What. The. F*ck. I HATE MY LIFE/THIS TV/EVERYTHING.

Just wanted to share this.

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