Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why Amazon Inc. will ultimately fail

I've read somewhere (or just made up, I can't say for sure) that by the time an empire reaches its full glory it's decay has already begun.

If that is true then Amazon Inc will definitely fail and I am not here to whine about it, but to show you something I myself find amusing more than anything else.

Consider this page with listings Amazon:

The odd thing in this page, other than us having listed merely 5 items, is the shipping cost assigned by Amazon for one of the listed boards.

Unlike eBay Amazon does not ask us what shipping is, they calculate it based on the data they have which a reliable source has provided and their team of specialists has verified and approved.

So after about 6 exchanges with support, which alone are worth posting, but I'll skip them for sake of keeping this short, eventually they asked us for proof that the board is not 900 pounds as their database shows (they have the picture, of course).

So we sent them this video showing actual measuring of the board:

I'd lie if I say I didn't expect something along the lines that was received in response.

Here it is, with a screenshot so there are no modifications at all in the message (added the red underlining):

Were they just getting back at me?

Considering it took them 6 very normal exchanges to get to here, each from different person and at least 2 times not on the subject matter at all you'd also doubt.

And this is the amusing part - I don't know if they were just getting back because of the video or they are just THAT incompetent.

I think it doesn't matter.

Unbelievably successful as it is Amazon's decay has already started.


Tim Steinkamp said...

I think you mean America not Amazon. Joe Albertson died and down they went. Sam Walton died and they say Walmart is going down. Jeff Bezos is still alive so they are still going no matter what a single employee out of 20,000? does.

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