Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bill Hogan is another customer who is always right

This article is a response to a negative feedback left by our eBay customer Bill Hogan, in which he accuses us in deceiving business practices, lying about shipping boxes and being rude on the phone as shown here:

(click to enlarge)

We can't pull any proofs against his last claim, so it will be our word we were not versus his, but we luckily have some proofs on the former two we'd like to introduce to anyone who's interested.

As can be seen from the above screenshot Mr. Hogan ordered

REPAIR SERVICE FOR T400HW01 V3 / 40T02-C04 / 55.46T02.C02 AUO T-CON.

You can click on the above link to land at the eBay page for this listing or you can simply look at the below picture (red underlines are ours):

We will not explain here what this means; if we have to explain it after you read it then we've failed and you can consider we admitting to it.

Mr. Hogan apparently had not read it, though, and since he did not receive a board he opened a case in Paypal.

Here is what his case looked like (again underscoring is ours):

In his claim, Mr. Hogan said (as underlined) that he received the item , but it was not as described.

Later Mr. Hogan has closed this case and opened another one, this time with his credit card provider, now stating he did NOT receive an item:

On our end we'll say this:
1) Mr. Hogan ordered a repair service as outlined in multiple places in the original eBay listing; we are still able and willing to deliver on what was advertised provided he does what is required from him in order to do so.

2) Like all other customers who order repair services on eBay from us Mr. Hogan was sent a snail mail reminder (the USPS tracking number shown in the screenshot above) to send the board as per the listing's terms or to go and read the listing and contact us to straighten the issue if he is still not aware that he bought a service and not an item; it is after receiving this communication (preceded by the multiple listing entries and a follow-up email with shipping instructions automatically sent upon order placement) that he eventually learned about his mistake and phoned us.

3) Mr. Hogan called us on the phone and was sarcastic and rude in the face of being told the above, i.e. what is it that he ordered. He did call us liars and thieves and hung up on us on the phone; he did not admit to having placed an order in error, he insisted he ordered a physical good and we've somehow tricked him.

4) As illustrated Mr. Hogan is contradicting his own claims - once that he received an item and once that he did not.

5) By placing an order on eBay Mr. Hogan entered a legal agreement with us, which agreement bears consequences and costs, such as USPS notification cost, eBay fees and now PayPal fees we'll have to pay because of the dispute brought.

The agreement did not have fine print and is not a bite and switch one; we are still willing and able to deliver everything as advertised and Mr. Hogan (or anyone else in his place for that matter) is just as responsible for his side of the agreement his willing entered into as we are for ours.

Naturally, we claim that Mr. Hogan should bear the consequences of not having read the terms and cover the costs for breaching out of his agreement.

5) As can be seen by looking at our eBay repair service listings and in our feedback from customers quite a few people use and praise our repair services and apparently have no problems with reading and utilizing them.

If you find an omission in any of them that is in customer's harm please do not hesitate to point it out so we can address it!

You be the judge.


Tim Steinkamp said...

It is confusing. Why does ebay list an "items remaining" number if it is a service? If it is a special price service and only so many are available at that price it should state the regular price. Some people in America can't read unfortunately. Some people are having a ruff life and have no patience. Some people go overboard on the phone, in emails and in person. Your terms give you all of the rights to deny a repair after getting prepaid for it. If you watch Judge Judy I think you would have to give him his money back as there is was no fulfillment. I understand there are expenses using ebay and paypal but it is a shame to use that for not issuing a refund and cancel the sale. I came on here looking for repair of a Visio and you say if I prepay that I will have unknown expenses I will have deducted from my payment even if I don't get my board repaired. In the end I think ebay should have a different style of page for these prepay repair services they are trying to get a cut of. It's not good for the service people to confuse your potential customers. You say yourself that you don't require a prepay if using your website. Good luck.

Coppell TV Repair LLC said...

Wonderful thoughts, only totally failing to actually solve the problem. Wishful thinking is not what can make eBay or PayPal or customers do their job right and we are the ones creating the value and actually solving a problem here, so it is not logical, at the very least, to additionally ask us to correct the problems that other parties create (eBay with their site organization and the buyers with keeping their brains in the next room when placing orders).

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