Monday, September 29, 2014

Am I really as rude as this eBay customer claims?

Today I am seem to be on a roll in the customer service department.

Just had a customer post the following on eBay:

Negative feedback rating   This company/person is rude.Will never do business with them again! RUDE RUDE
       EBR36954501 EBR39214401 EAX36953201 YSUS REPAIR KIT (#160503144701)
       Buyer: 123alexino ( 0 )

(The zero in the brackets, in case you wonder, is the number of positive responses this particular buyer has had from other vendors.)

Now, without much explanations I want to show you how this has happened and ask for your opinion on whether I am really as rude as this customer claims I am.

1) Customer buys our repair kit "EBR36954501 EBR39214401 EAX36953201 YSUS REPAIR KIT" as can be found on eBay under item number 160503144701.

2) We send the item and customer receives it.

3) Customer opens a case in eBay's problem resolution center stating the following (no changes in this or any other quote, ours or customer's):

"The case details:
The buyer says the item doesn't match the description.
The buyer paid on Sep 12, 2014.
The buyer can be contacted at "--- -371-0967" in order to resolve the problem.
The buyer chose "other" as the problem with the item
Additional information:
"I only received the small plaque not the board (green with all the other things on there) that's what I needed. When I search by that part number that's what comes up every where but that's not what I received."
The buyer requested:
A replacement item."
4) Since buyer received exactly what was ordered (and what was advertised) I answered the following:
"What you say you need is simply not what you ordered. 
I believe if you take a minute and make a deliberate effort to open the listing and read it the confusion will become evident. 
What you received is exactly what is advertised and very clearly described. You will probably want to return it back to get credit. But, for one last time, what you received is EXACTLY what is described."
 Now here is the time to quote what is advertised. I will not quote the whole listing, only the top; you can read the rest if you just open the listing itself and make deliberate effort to read it :-)

"Coppell TV Repair ( is offerring you the two essential components needed to repair LG sustain board EBR36954501 .
Those are the large IC voltage regulator (called IPM) and a fast acting 4A fuse which burns when the IPM fails.

(Note you are not getting the board on the large picture; it is put there just for an illustration of what this kit is intended for!)"

4) Customer gets back to me with the following statement followed by the negative feedback on eBay:

"Your response is rude and uncalled for. I opened and read the listing prier to me placing the order. And yes obviously I was confused as to what I thought I ordered. I am not a TV tech nor know enough about TV parts to have known that what I ordered was not what you CLEARLY displayed on the picture. My mistake. But a simple educational explanation would have been more ADEQUATE, PROFESSIONAL and APPRECIATED. As far as what I want to do next is to not do business with your company. You can take those $34.95 and go take some customer service classes. Because based on most, if not all of your replies to your customers, you desperately need them. My first and last time doing business with your company. But I'm sure it doesn't matter to you since your making money. "

Now, I will ask again and for the last time: Was I being rude to this customer?

And, whether yes or no, do you believe he or she has read the listing as they claim they did?

If you believe I was rude please tell me how and , perhaps just more importantly, refrain from doing business with me!

You were warned :-)


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