Tuesday, October 7, 2014

adsoft68's issues with capacitors, honesty and his own abilities

Synopsis: This article is our right of rebuttal and presentation of our view in the case of our eBay customer A. S. (full name preserved in accordance with US privacy laws) who left us a feedback stating

"Fake repair kit, thats are just capacitor the seller are not honest."

We present this in hope our  prospect customers would have the chance to first hand judge to the truth of the above statements as well as make better purchasing decisions.


Step 1: A.S. (adsoft68 on eBay) purchased the following item on eBay:


Purchased item was shipped and delivered accordingly.

Step 2: We received the following message via eBay (all messages are quoted without change):

"I bought this item from you, I was surprised that inside I find just 3 capacitor.
I never recognize on your description that CM... was capacitor.
In electronic capacitor have other name Volts and microfarad.
I am sorry but I dont need it for repair my tv. In most common cases are mosfets. I already replace all capacitors (no more than 3$ (your kit 10$)) how can I do for give you back and have my moneies? I never use the capacitors

Step 3: We responded with the following:

"Send it back to the address on the envelope and include your eBay user name inside."

Step 4: We received the following from A.S., apparently after having left us the above negative feedback accusing us in dishonesty:

Understand, i am not stupid, dear friend, the shipment fee are more than the value of item.... i prefer to get it in to garbage... At least i lost 37$ but you had one negative feedback .... I also claim to ebay your not honest business in fact you sell your capacitor like repair kit..isnt correct my friend, for repair the powerboard you need also some mosfet....."

Coppell TV Repair's rebuttal and thoughts:

My guess is that A.S. believes that we just put together a few capacitors and are selling that as a repair kit for whatever made-up problem.

This is, unfortunately, not an impossible scenario. I know for a fact that some companies in the business do it, but I'll get to that in another post.

So no issue with the customer suspecting us. I do, however, have an issue with a bold unsupported statement that we do sell a fake repair kit and are dishonest in the face of the following easily verifiable facts:

First, the kit has sold 18 times before A.S. placed his order and received at least 7 reviews from other customers; one such review clearly stated the kit did not help, the others said they were happy with it.

Don't take my word for it, take your time and find the reviews in our eBay feedback history!

Second, to the point of this kit NOT helping real life problems, there's actually a PICTURE in the listing showing the bulged capacitors causing the described issue! How much more of a proof you want that what is being sold does solve an actual problem?
That picture was personally made by me and the kit was assembled and listed AFTER we fixed a few such boards for the symptoms we describe and the components we include.

Third, everything advertised in the listing is exactly what is being sold; nothing is misleading and nothing is dishonest. Do not take my word for it - open the listing and read:
"Kit contents: CM856, CM858, CM861 replacements. More may be added over time if we hear from customers who have other bad capacitors on the board. All components in the kit are with same or better quality compared to the OEM parts used on the board."

If you find our listing or responses dishonest PLEASE let me know why!

Further, A.S. seems to have an issue with the repair kit containing ONLY capacitors.

This is what we have seen to be bad and nothing else. This is what the kit contains.
It is not only possibly, it is very common for electrolytic capacitors to go bad rendering a board - not just power supply board - useless. There hundreds of companies and probably thousands of repair kits made ONLY of capacitors.

Do not take my word for it - check badcaps.com for a starter, then just google for "capacitors repair kit" and you will find tons and tons of different ones!
Which begs the question: what else should it have contained to make A.S. happy? A few MOSFETs? What if A.S. had a blown transformer? Or a few diodes? Or a blown fuse? What about the ICs on the board?

What would have A.S. or someone else said if they received a bag of parts most of which were not bad?

It's a rhetorical question the answer to which we still hear every now and then even though we try to make our repair kits dedicated to a single problem: a customer would come back asking credit for the part of the kit they did not need using.

Most important of all: 

Where is the problem here: in our representation or in customer's inability to make use of it and, related, in his unjustified expectations?

What do you think?


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