Thursday, September 11, 2014

MPF7726L for Hitachi P50S601 and others now available from Coppell TV Repair

A local business had a fleet of 50'' Hitachi plasma TVs they wanted us to repair.

They were all P50S601 and most of them had the typical buffer board issues, which requires either the SDR-U FPF47R-SDR60795 or the SDR-D FPF47R-SDR60805 to be replaced.

Or both, if you want to do it the right way.

Anyways, few of the TVs, though, had bad power supply boards and that made us realize that those are hard to find and expensive.

Hitachi P50S601 uses power supply board MPF7726L.

A decent service manual for the TV and some additional ones for the power supply can be found at the Hitachi website.

Hats off to Hitachi for publishing that and, on a side note, the TV itself is also very very well built (my personal opinion).

We obtained a few power supply boards and added them to the list of boards we'd like to offer a repair to.

In time we most likely will, but at the time being we offer functional boards with trade-in option for the old core.

You can find MPF7726L for purchase with a trade-in option at .

One thing that was visibly bad on all power boards was the two 3300 uF / 100V filter capacitors, but they weren't the source of the boards' malfunctioning.

Those caps can stay puffed (and with lower capacitance) for some time before they start making trouble, but of course if you are so and so on fixing the board you may as well have them serviced...just do not start with them as chances are the problem is going to be elsewhere.

And they are expensive.


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