Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Coppell TV Repair LLC has new address, USPS inbound delays

Update June 04, 15:30 PM: Just received a call from the local mailman. He has been receiving parcels for us for the past few days, but he was not aware we have already moved in and he has been passing by our building. Eventually he realized there's too many packages and has found my phone which I gave to him when we met shortly after I bought the building.

This must have been the culprit of the delay and I am told we should be receiving close to 20 packages tomorrow.
In the last week of May 2014 we moved our shop from a location we were leasing for the past 3 years to a building we practically own.

The new address is available on the website and we've been working to update it on popular Internet repositories as well, so far without success. There's always delay in those things unless you're willing to pony up $300 or so quarterly or something like that.

Anyhow, here's the focus of this post: for reasons unexplained there is a delay in processing packages sent to us via USPS. We are simply not receiving them yet.

If you sent us modules and they were supposed to be delivered to our old Belt Line Rd., TX 75006  address on May 30th, May 31st and the first days of June there will be an extra time due to the packages being first delivered to the local postal office and THEN forwarded to our new address at W Hebron Pkwy, TX 75010.

I was told that forwarding should have kicked in and packages sent later would be forwarded before a delivery attempt to the old address is made first.

The forwarding of some packages, however, will occur only AFTER they reach the local USPS facility and a local delivery attempt is made.

I guess it has something to do with the date of forward activation kicking in.

Your online tracking information may look like this:

I was at the local USPS office today and they assured me that even though the message says that the package is being returned, it is actually being re-routed.

I do not know yet if this is true; we will know when we either start receiving the packages or customers start receiving them back.

It is hard to say why all this headache when we told local mailmen to just drop off packages at the next suite as they have been doing if by chance they happened to arrive and find the shop closed (like every Saturday).

They would either 1) Attempt delivery on the next day; or 2) Leave a note and hold parcels until we go to pick them up; or 3) just leave parcels at the next suite.

In this case we've filed a forward request, told local mailmen we want them to leave packages in next suite and left a message asking them to do the same.

For a few days we've been picking boxes from our former neighbor, but it was only UPS and FedEx.

Then yesterday there was nothing there anymore and we received our first deliveries from both FedEx and UPS at the new address.

USPS is still processing.

We apologize for the inconvenience to you and your customers, if you have any...but we feel we've done what we could.

Ideally all they had to do was just left them at the next suite...not sure why they didn't.

But we again apologize for the delay.


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