Thursday, August 29, 2013

Olevia 237-T11 power AEP016-37 testing and repair

This is a quick pictorial guide on how to test the power supply AEP016-37 found in Olevia 237-T11 and the rest Olevia models that use the same power supply board.

There is also a link to a repair kit sold by Coppell TV Repair for the commonly found bad capacitors on the board.

The AEP016-37 power supply is not labeled , but is known to fail and if your Olevia 237-T11 (or other that use it) does not want to start up it may or may not be because of the power supply in it.

One nice way to avoid spending time and money is to just test the power supply out of the box and see if it produces the necessary voltages.

All you need is a simple voltmenter and some patience.

Of course along the way you will also be on the lookout for swollen / bulged capacitors.

Here is how AEP016-37 looks:

There are four bad capacitors on that picture, but because the picture was taken directly from the top it is not possible to see the bulging. Yet you can see the electrolyte spilled on top on some of them.

If you find bulging capacitors you should replace them. They may or may not be the source of your problems, but they are easy to replace and guaranteed to cause troubles eventually, so you might as well take care of them right away.

AEP016-37 does not have indication on the output connector pin layout, so I've created one for you:

Upon connecting AC power and turning on the power board with the switch located next to the AC connector only the +5V standby voltage is present.

It is measured to any of the GROUND / GND pins on any of the output connectors.

To activate the power supply you need to SHORT the pin next to it - the POWER_ON pin - with the +5V standby.

When you do that , the +5V main, the +18V and the +24V should also appear, all measured to ground.

Voila, that is all!

Good luck troubleshooting your Olevia 237-T11 or whatever other TV you have that has AEP016-37 inside!


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