Friday, July 26, 2013

EBR50267901 LG YSUS for ELEMENT PHD42W39US repair and exchange services now available

We were brought an Element PHD42W39US 42'' plasma which was powering on to no image.

Inside was the first case when I personally saw a plasma TV without a ZSUS (X-Main) sustain board ever and it spooked me for a while.

Turned out LG simply put both sustain modules on one board - the EBR50267901 in this case.

(I've later seen a very similar board - clearly the same design, but the ZSUS functionality was removed from it; I do not know which was later or newer, but clearly LG experimented with this one).

Oddly enough, it was exactly the ZSUS functionality that has failed and that has resulted in a dark image.

All the power FETs on the ZSUS side (heat sink HS906) were blown and in addition the little IC909 with the mysterious "1725" was also burned.

Finding out what that "1725" was proved to be a challenge.

If you need IC909 "1725" or the 45F123 power FETs you can drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Better yet, you may consider either sending your board for repair or buying a working EBR50267901with a cash back option upon sending your dud (without traces of previous repairs or tampering!):


John said...

Is it the MCP1725 LDO?

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