Thursday, July 25, 2013

DELTA DPS-250AP-34 / Sony 1-474-095-12 G2D power supply test, repair and exchange

A hotel chain sent us a number of power supply boards DELTA DPS-250AP-34 for repair and we've collected some hands-on experience repairing them.

The board is used in a number of Sony LCD TVs (37'' and 42'') and its stock Sony part number is  1-474-095-12.

Upon connecting the board to AC it produces 3.3V standby voltage on the appropriately labeled pin on the CN602 connector located in the lower right corner of the board; the pin is third from bottom to top and is labeled "STBY3.3V" and the ground to measure those to is the 3rd, 4th and 5th pin from the top, accordingly labeled "SGND".

Upon shorting the STBY3.3V pin with the POWER_ON pin (which is the lowest on the CN602) connector the board should produce a swift click and output 24V on the CN603 connector as indicated on the labels.

If it does then it is most likely good.

The two problems we have seen were lack of standby voltage and lack of response from the board when activating it.



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