Friday, November 2, 2012

KL15L5R1 blown on DYP-50W2 from Samsung HP-T5054 - where to buy

Just a week ago I posted an article about a SCK206 question and by pure chance today we had a power board DYP-50W2 from Samsung HPT5054 brought in for repair.

It had a visibly cracked component KL15L 5R1 which we tracked down and found a substitute for, then since customer was willing to pay extra for an express service we decided to take out a component from a working board and replace it in the customer's board, then wait and restore the substitute in our own good board...which we sometimes do if you're willing to pay for breaking a good working unit to get yours back faster.

Anyway, we found that our own board had the same SCK206 in place of KL15L5R1.

By the time we realized it the old thermistor was already out of the board so I could only put it next to the one that was originally placed on our own board.

Here is the picture (click to get native resolution):

In all fairness I didn't even look to track down SCK206 details and compare them.

If Samsung has decided it will do - and this was an original component there - then it will definitely do the job.

And if you are looking for KL15L5R1 then chances are SCK206 will do for you too.

BTW, as noted in the previous article the problem was not in the thermistor alone. Some power FETs were also blown and some of the driving logic around them too, although.

My recommendation is that unless you are a service tech well aware of the risk they're taking with a DIY project you better get a repair service or replacement board.

4 February 2014 update: We just posted an article on testing BN44-00160A DYP-50W2 and a bunch of other boards. You do not need that posting if you already know you have a blown thermistor, but the article may still be of help to others.


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