Friday, October 26, 2012

What is SCK206 green thingy and where can I get it?

Dear Coppell TV Repair,
my TV made a coughing noise , smoked a little and became yet another brick on the wall.
Upon inspecting the power board I found a little green round thing next to the main power input with a solid hole in it and the letters SCK206 printed.
I have some background in electronics, but I could not figure what this is. Capacitor is my first thought.
What is this and where can I get it?

SCK206 is a power thermistor used in the switching/activation circuits of a number of power boards, usually in plasma TVs (of course quite possibly elsewhere too, but in the context of TV repairs it is usually found in plasma TV boards as opposed to LCD TV power boards).

It is often found in parallel to one (or the one) switching relays that activate when the power board is told to switch to full power by the main board.

It is used as a temporary load balancing device that takes the current in case another power component has shorted and leads to overload.

A failed SCK206 would typically mean power in a power FET or other power device has failed.

As such replacing SCK-206 alone will hardly ever be sufficient.

But if you still need it you can buy SCK206 here.


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