Thursday, November 15, 2012

Repair kit for 6871QYH039B LG YSUS sustain board

Dear Ccoppell TV Repair,

Tom Wilcox

I have reviewed your online store and have not located this particular part, maybe I'm just overlooking it but I need your help Identifying it and/or your listing for it,please.

from LG50pc3d-ud plasma,, ysus board 6871qyh039b,, ipm 201 #yppd-jo16e-c and ipm 202, yppd-j015e-c.

016e has pin layout 7 on one side, the other 3,6,1 and 3
015e has pin layout 7 on one side, the other 6, 6, and 6

please send listing or correct replacement part number and pricing info.


P.S. I want to say thanks for the help I have gotten via your blogs! great job!
Our store is definitely a work in progress as of November 2012. 
We apologize about that.
Here is the link for the 6871QYH039B repair kit...(currently only serving USA customers):


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