Saturday, October 1, 2011

LG 42PC5D YSUS EBR36954501 EBR39214401 question

I am trying to fix an LG 42PC5D, no picture, does not pre-warm up the screen, the fuse on the YSUS board FS5 1.5 amp is blown, it blew again after replacing, it is connected to the STEP-UP/FLYBACK SWITCHING REGULATOR on the board, I don't have a schematic and working on plasma is new, without tracing the circuit board traces, is this something this driver chip would fix this problem?


It might or might not, I can't promise.

That fuse doesn't usually burn when the IPM fails. It is not impossible for it to happen, of course, but if I were you I'd search where the high current to blow the fuse is coming from.

It may or may not be the IPM.


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