Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Proview 3200 / RX-326 does not power on / shuts off / 200-100-HX276 problems

The Proview 3200 / Proview RX-326 is rather old and if you go through all the pain to actually disassemble it it may be worth to read this article to find if you can save a buck or two by repairing the power board and the main board by yourself rather than spending just south of $100 for a replacement of each.

These are the typical problems I am seeing with those TVs:

1) Completely dead TV - no front LED, nothing - suggests bad power board 02144-B306.
See this article for how to test it (note it's slightly different as its normal output is 12V and not 24V!) and if you need it repaired check the Coppell TV Repair online store.

2) TV comes on, but there's no display back-light. You may be able to see display changes with a flashlight or at the sun, but no back-light - that's either bad inverter or , very often, again bad power board.
See the links in the above case scenario for how to test the power board and send it for repair if you have to.

3) TV's standby light comes on, but when powered it either flashes green for a moment and then switches back to standby orange (or red) or switches to green, but display remains dark and you can't switch it back to standby color by pressing power, or display flashes for a second and then TV turns off, or sometimes it may turn on and stay on, but next time you try to turn it on it won't move...or any combination of the above.

This article is actually about that case...it's not only power board repair infomercial :-)

But, while at it, first and foremost again check the power board and make sure it produces reliable 12V on the primary as explained in our article.

If that's good then the problem is most likely on the main board 200-100-HX276 .

To make the long story short here's a picture of what you need to replace:

This picture was taken after the replacement was done.

The original capacitors were aluminum ones and did not show any signs of malfunctioning visible to the naked eye.

As you can see we've used standard replacements and not aluminum ones. In fact on this picture one of the larger ones is 680 uF. Don't ask - we just did it.

If you need the capacitors, drop us a note and we'll add a link for purchasing the four at a reasonable price. But the post here is with the main idea to share the know-how , not to benefit from selling the kit.

The replacement itself is not a rocket science, but is somewhat delicate partially due to the tight space.

Still way better than having to pay $90 plus shipping for a replacement board!


yesterdayze said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this. Looking at the board I can't tell if I need to use low esr caps here. Any idea? I was planning on replacing with aluminum smt instead of trying to get through hole soldered down. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So I would like to Try That on My Proview 3200 rx326 before I give up on it. How much are those capacitors with shipping?

In Motion Filmz said...

I would also like to try this... How much is the kit with shipping? Does it come with a DIY video?


Unknown said...

Please would like to order the parts as you spoke of to do the work myself. I got this TV for free and which my case is similar to the above problem symptoms of the power light turns green and the screen flashes for a second and turns black. I would like to fix it . please send me the links to buying the parts if you are so kind to do so. Thank you very much.
- Steven W.


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