Friday, September 22, 2017

Repair LG 60PB6650-UA not starting or starting with no image due to failed YSUS EBR77185601

Just fixed three YSUS boards EBR77185601 all with the exact same failure symptom and I think I narrowed it down to the essentials that need to be replaced for it to not fail when you try it again.

EBR77185601 is used in LG 60PB6650-UA, LG 60PB5600-UA, LG 60PB6600-UA and possibly others.
My experience is summarized in the below video:

The board failed twice on me until I had it all figured.
Actually there were three failures, but it turned out the last one was not the YSUS itself even though it sounded and looked a lot like it, only when I took it down it was all good and upon long and close inspection I found a noise filter cap busted on the top buffer board:

The video mentions that, but doesn't include the picture, which I took before finishing the work and ensuring everything worked fine at which point I made the video.

DIY repair kit:

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Unknown said...

I need help please:

Dear Coppell TV Repair,
I have a Samsung HP-T5064X/XAA.
I have the problem that when I plug in the television, the red light powers on it works perfectly then in 3 or 5 minutes it clicks about 5 times or maybe a few more ( no imagine and no sound) and then the red light goes out and nothing. When I press buttons on the remote the red light stays lit. Then in a while it turn on itself.
A few minutes later the whole cycle happens again.
Can you help what part to replace?

Unknown said...

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