Thursday, September 21, 2017

LG 31MU97-B main board exchange and repair services now available

A few years ago I came across the 31MU97-B 4K monitor.

It was love at first sight, partially because it was beautiful and probably just as much because I got it for about $20 (it was $800+ new) total because its display was coming in and out and it was rendered unusable.

Turned out it had  a tiny detachment  on one of the display tabs and I found the location and was able to actually fix it...somewhat.

I stuck a piece of hard paper between the LCD and the front bezel - it was even hidden from plain view - and that caused the detached tab to make contact well enough to a point where the TV would work for say 30 or more minutes.

Over time, however, probably due to the paper going thinner, it started failing more and more again and it got to the point where I pressed a little too hard one day and it cracked.

I had already gotten used to it by then and just bough a refurbished one, which I use to date and still like.

The parts of the old I listed on eBay and this is how I learned about someone wanting to get the main board.

I don't remember the details, but he eventually ended up sending their board to Coppell TV Repair LLC and we took dab at it.

Since then we've repaired a few other dead main boards from different LG 31MU97-B monitors and we've seen two different issues develop on those; I am sure there are more that will show over time and I can't be certain we'll be able to identify or fix all of them, but for the time being we are glad to offer exchange and repair services:

1) Exchange service for LG 31MU97-B main board (or rather buy a good working board and please please return yours without being tampered so you can get credit for it):

2)  Repair service for LG 31MU97-B main board:

Note that sooner or later someone would either buy a board and not return theirs or return it and we won't be able to fix it; which means the exchange may not always be available.


Unknown said...

Hi, can you share the two issues you've discovered on these boards? I was going to throw this away but if I can repair it with my own rework station, I'd love to know if it's possible. Thanks.

RiderNotABiker said...


I want to take a moment to acknowledge CTR for providing exemplary customer service when the main board in my 31MU97-B failed recently.

I learned of CTR through the "iFixit" DIY repair site and called to see what my options might be. I had a surprisingly lengthy conversation with the owner who was extremely knowledgeable and gave me some tips on how to get the case apart so I could get the mainboard out and send in for repair. With his guidance, I was able to get the back cover off and remove the mainboard without damage to the case. I shipped the mainboard out last Monday via Express Mail and the repaired board arrived today (Saturday) via the same method. Installed the board, tested it before putting the back cover back on, looked good, so I buttoned it back up and am now typing this note on the repaired display.

I couldn't have asked for better service and the price was less than it would have cost me to have an estimate done by a local shop in Atlanta...not to mention the time and the cost of fuel to drive 35 miles each way...twice. They did not offer any options other than "bring it in and we'll look at it".

Thanks again!

Tom in Dawsonville, GA

Unknown said...

I have 2 31MU97-B, after a power outage yesterday, both will not turn back on, both have no white indicator light. If I replace the main board with your exchange, how do I prevent from happening again, seems anytime these monitors shutdown unexpectedly, they break? I don't want to spend three hundred dollars on the replacements if it could happen again.

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