Friday, September 18, 2015

272217100569 / 2300KEG031A-F transformer burning, raising children and economic riddles

I'll put it right there with the clear understanding that many may call it selfish, wrong, or, likely in the case of certain family members who are not my husband, just typical:

Customers sometimes want too much while offering too little.

There, you can quote me on that.

I'll present my argument in this form of true email communication from earlier today:


"REPAIR SERVICE for power supply board 272217100569 / 2300KEG031A-F

Question, I had a tv that was doing this that you mention------>>>>>TV powers on, possibly with an image for a second, then the display gets dark, but the TV remains on.

Ok so I replaced the likely capacitors that have degraded over time, and I also re-soldered a lot of  the power components including around the transformer T701 and I have a fully functional working TV with no more going dark.  

My problem is there is a slight smell coming from that Transformer and it is hot.  What is the root cause of that transformer being so hot and eventually causing the burn out that you mention "burning around the transformer T701 at the top left side of the board"?  Did you guys ever figure that out? Is that transformer undersized? How do you all implement a permanent fix?   Any help would  be greatly appreciated. "

"I will answer your questions and then ask one in return.

Transformer may be getting hot for different reasons. 

  • The most common one is an arcing between the copper wire and the leg it is soldered to which is a result of a degradation of the solder that joins them.
  • Yes we did figure that out.
  • No the transformer is not undersized.
  • A permanent fix to this problem is a solid joint between the copper wire and the copper track under the board.

Now for my question: do you happen to know how to transform appreciation to food?
Because neither of my kids wants appreciation for dinner.
I tried."

Your 2c?

P.S. A day after posting this we got the following question on eBay for one of our repair services:

"I'm sure you won't tell me how to fix my own main board, would you?"


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