Thursday, February 12, 2015

Repairing 1AA4B10N2020A / PWB.CONTROL.N4SG button board for Sanyo DP42647 , Sanyo DP42848

I never thought I'd be blogging about such a thing, but two events not too far apart from each other made me.

First, about a month ago while ghosting around before leaving the Coppell TV Repair shop for the day I manager to somehow kick one of the Sanyo TVs we have sitting on the floor for testing repaired main boards and broke its buttons board.

Naturally, I cursed loud and set to fix it, checking first if it isn't just cheaper to buy one.

To my surprise there was none on eBay!

I mean yes, people don't keep their TVs open on the floor and kick them every now and then like I enjoy doing before dinner, but this is eBay where you can things like "Vintage Batman Anchor Hocking Milk Glass Cup, National Periodical Publications" and that's even before getting to erotic periodicals from the 40s that can only turn on (in my opinion) the camp fire and still with external help.

Anyway, I had to fix it and after some more cursing I got it to work and forgot about it.

Then a few days ago one of our customers asked if we can find that same board for him because he broke his.

And today his came and I fixed it again. It was broken in a very similar fashion.

Repairing is not a rocket science, but requires fine sold tips, solid hand and some patience.

On the above picture you can see how I've added one metal rod (what's the better word for that) for support on the top of the board and here's the bottom:

If you happen to break your board and can't fix it yourself feel free to drop us a line.

It'll be about $25-$30 in total (as it takes a good 20 - 30 minutes)  and the best way to start is through .


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