Saturday, February 21, 2015

IC2 for MLT198L

It feels like we're getting somewhat of a "last hope" outlet for people with hopelessly old TVs :-)

An MLT198L power supply from ILO LCT42HA36 about my age was sent to us with request to repair it as parents or grandparents are attached to the TV.

After doing some digging on the board and digging online I found that people were stumbled trying to find replacement for the PWM driver IC for the standby circuit.

At least in few different online discussions the question has been asked and wasn't answered.

Oddly, there's a schematic for the board available (google for it, you'll find it) and there in place of the IC label there is just a question mark (?).

That tells me someone even more dedicated than us must have spent the time to not only reverse-engineer the schematics of the board, but also put it in a CAD and post it.

Either that or took an original and removed the label of the IC.

I choose the former.

Anyway, we have IC2 for MLT198L available at our online store if anyone still needs it.


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