Saturday, March 17, 2012

YPPD-J018E, YPPD-J018C, STK795-820, STK795-821 compatibility and credibility

From the mailbox:

(posted under our listing advertising STK795-820 as an alternative to YPPD-J018C and YPPD-J018E)
Dear Coppell TV Repair,

How can you claim those chips will replace a YPPD-J018E and work properly ?

- mygoodiefinder

Well, as far as claims go we can claim anything, which is pretty much how the market operates at this and probably any other point.

So, with all due respect, I think the question that you wanted to ass is
Do you know and how do you know if STK795-820 can substitute YPPD-J018E or YPPD-J018C?

Luckily that's an easy one to answer too.

Take your pick:
  1. Because we use them ourselves since 2009. A publicly available and independent proof of that claim can be found for example here , here and many other listings. (note: those links may not survive in a long run as eBay is getting harder and harder to please...but that's another story)

  2. Because we've sold hundreds of them to customers as can be seen here and people seem to be happy with them (a proof of which is the feedback ratio)

  3. Because we have seen original LG boards with the same number coming with any of the above listed components; as any manufacturer knows it is a common problem to run out of a particular component and to use a substitute until your main supply chain covers for the delay.

All in all those should be sufficient.

If I think of more I'll add them in the future.

Now, there are a few things worth mentioning here such as the fact that we mostly use STK795-820. Not YPPD-J018C and not STK795-821 even though the later is arguably a more recent and updated version of STK795-820.

Well it just so happens that we've had some bad experiences with a few batches of YPPD-J018C  and STK795-821 and ended up using STK795-820.

I've personally heard all kinds of stories from other repair shops - that STK795-820 generates too much heat; that instead it is the STK795-821 that produces too much heat; that YPPD-J018C are the better ones, being original LG part used in LG boards; that the STKs are Chinese fakes; that the J018C are Chinese fakes.

As I've said I've heard pretty much all.

My take is that other people have run on other bad batches and as sure can be said about anything in the world there are simply bad batches.
Especially if they come from China and that's what everything comes these days (milk or chicken , anyone?)

So we stick with what works for us and we'll continue sticking to it until something forces us to look again.

On that topic I want to remind the readers that newer is not necessarily better. Many times in machines and electronics newer versions are simply stripped down releases of the original, i.e. an extra circuit or component with secondary, often preventive or noise-suppressing function, is being removed as it is not essential to the functionality while stripping it down in tens of thousands of produced units has a distinct impact over the cost.

Unrelated to the current topic, but related to the question at the beginning: salesmen have always made and will continue to make all kind of completely stupid claims while pushing to attract more buyers or convert a viewer to a buyer.

One of my favorites is from all TV chop-shops (eBay and elsewhere) who claim that a sustain board has come from a TV with broken screen, but it was tested and guaranteed to work.

Suck a lame lie!


Anonymous said...

Some switches the STK, without knowing whether the Ydrivers are normal, before replacing the STK verify that no short in the same !!

Joarez Siczkoriz
Curitiba Paran√°

Bambooz said...

"I think the question that you wanted to ass is"

Freudian slip? :D

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