Monday, November 1, 2010

Power board MLT186B from ILO-32HD - how to test

Coppell TV Repair services MLT186B from ILO-32HD and as with many other services we sometimes receive boards that are actually functional.

This post should help both those who wonder if their ILO-32HD is dead because of the power board or the main board as well as those who receive a serviced power board from us and think it was not properly serviced.

MLT186B is relatively simple power board , producing one standby always on output voltage of 5V (can be a bit more without load, it's OK) and, upon instruction from the main board, activates the actual driving voltages of +5V, +12V and +24V.

(Note: a similar article for power board MLT186 can be found here.)

One uncommon thing about it is that the input AC voltage is supplied through an external button switch. Unlike most other power boards we've seen there are actually TWO connectors for AC input - one for the main input and another one, which takes the power from the main input, routes it through a button and returns it back to the board. For testing purposes this can all be circumvented by directly passing power to the appropriate return pins.

Below are two pictures with diagrams that should help you test your board.

The hardest part will probably be the connection between the 5V standby and the PWR_ON pins.
Probably the easiest way to do it is to use a resistor and stuck its pins in the connectors that are already in the power board. Unfortunately you'd need to jump to the nearest RadioShack or buy such a resistor from us or another place. It is also possible to directly short the pins, but we advise against that practice in general. Always use resistor as you never know how smart and protective were the people who designed the board in the first place!


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hi I have a problem with my ilo 32hd it turn on but dont work the volume & the chanels can u help please

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