Saturday, December 5, 2020

Are 2200 Ohm / 25V electrolytic capacitors better than 2200uF/10V ones?

 I am posting here because we were just given a disgraceful 1 star rating on Google by a customer.

There was no comment left , but Google detailed that the 1 star rating was for professionalism.

I will let you be the judge on whether we're good at what we're doing or not.

The following is a verbatim transcript of email exchange that occurred at about 9:30 PM on a Saturday night with our responses following within minutes of the questions asked (only please don't take such response time for granted; it is not, but it is how this one occurred):


We just received this repair kit for samsung.  It says it contains capacitors for  CX834,CX835, CB813 and CB814.  Our CB814

 is a 2200 ohm 105 degree 10 Volt.  We only received 25Volt capacitors in the kit.  I need to see about getting the correct capacitor please.  

Order Reference Number: 6507  

Coppell TV Repair LLC:

You did get the correct capacitors.

They are, in fact, notably better than the OEM ones for the simple reason they have notably higher breakdown voltage while still bearable form factor thanks to technology improvements and relaxed spacing requirements on the board.

Enjoy or take your time researching the topic first – “electrolytic capacitors” and “breakdown voltage” are the key terms for research.



I have 4 in your kit that are all the exact same - 2200 ohm 105 degree 25 Volt.   

Your online description says it is for CX834,CX835, CB813 and CB814

Slot CB814 is a 10Volt not 25Volt but none are in my kit.  

Coppell TV Repair LLC:

I know that.

And yet I am telling you again that what you received is not the same, but better than what you have and you not only can, but should use it.

I will add that electrolytic capacitors, unlike resistors, have the major quality capacitance measured in Farads (or micro-farads, in this case)  and not Ohms and, more importantly, have polarity.

So be careful how you install them because two or three times breakdown voltage reserve won’t be sufficient to save them if you reverse their polarity.

Which, considering the point you raise and the fact that you state they are 2200Ohms instead of the correct 2200uF – tells me is a real possibility.

No offense meant.

We’ve all been there at some point.


At this point the customer left review on Google with no text and 1 star for professionalism.

I will only say that will continue to supply solutions with superior parts when possible (like in this case), respond as fast as possible and call things as we see them.

We believe truth is more important in business than manners.

If that is low professionalism then so be it.

If you expect education let alone pampering for the cost of a $10 ticket for parts we believe it is not us who needs reality check, it is you.


Unknown said...

I will say that you rock! Tight laced and super-professional? Maybe not. However, very knowledgeable and excellent work.

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