Monday, September 24, 2018

Celebrating 10,000 happy customers on record

We reached a 10,000 positive reviews on eBay milestone today:

We have many more than, of course, just like anyone on eBay where feedback ratio varies anywhere between 1:3 to 1:20 depending on your niche market, follow-up procedures, volume and what not.

We also have seen companies come after us and reach that milestone way faster than us.
And that's OK.

We also have those (at the moment) 1.5% bad reviews of people who thought we were scammers, rip-offs etc - I've covered a few of those in previous topics already.

Yet 10,000 public, independent positive reviews from all over the world, accumulated in the course of 10 or so years of operation are a clear vote of confidence and confirmation that we are getting something right.

To us it is more than that, though.

It is a proof that the world is still reasonable and sane, with people facing and resolving problems through communication and mutual work and not blames.

Thanks to everyone who was part of that process!


kindred-soul said...

I know what you mean, regarding, unwarranted & negative feedback. I've been an eBay member since '96 and been involved in likely a thousand transactions or so since, both buying and selling. Unfortunately, there exist 2 x negative feedback reviews, on my, otherwise, spotless feedback record, of over 300+ positive feedback reviews, total. One was for a woman, who purchased a laptop, that admittedly had some issues. However, in my defense I listed, literally, each & every single fault it had in the auction. The other was for someone, off his medication, apparently, who believed I was trying to rob him because I was waiting for his personal check to clear, before mailing off his purchase. Guy even got my phone # through an eBay tool at the time and called me around midnight, complaining of all this. Making matters even more deplorable to me, I very clearly, stated on my payment terms section of the auction page, that I would accept a personal check as payment, but that the buyer had to wait a few days for the payment to clear before I mail off the item. The guy was so impatient, he left me a negative feedback before I had even mailed his package off, and well before his check cleared. Jokes on him, though. I purposely mailed his items off in one, purposely, way over-sized box, so to ensure that everything would bounce around plenty on its way to the final destination, to Mr. Crazy Pants who doesn't seem to grasp that I could've mailed the items off straight away, and then his check could've bounced, like rubber, leaving me, both without my items, and with a new, returned check fee, for me to have to pay my bank. I like your final words though, maintaining positivity. I believe most of us, are still, reasonable and sane people who can resolve any problem through communication and clarification. I hope you're generating plenty of business for yourself, there in Texas. I, also, perform tv-related repair services, in addition to other electronics repair services, only where I reside, in VA. BTW: any out there who would ever hesitate to order anything from Coppell TV Repair: don't. They're trustworthy, timely, and completely reputable. I'm a past customer who received an excellent, working part that addressed the issue it was meant to and it was shipped professionally, and fast. Good day! :)

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