Friday, April 28, 2017

Repair for DELTA DPS-171CP A / DPS-162KP-1 power Sharp LC-70C7450U LC-70C8470U LC-70LE847U now available

This is just a simple announcement that Coppell TV Repair LLC is now offering a repair service for power supply board DELTA DPS-171CP A and other boards based on PCB DPS-162KP-1 as shown on the image below. The following Sharp models are known to use DPS-171CP A:

There are several different problems we've seen with this board.

One is where the board is totally dead and there is no +5V standby voltage. The TV is then totally dead, of course.

Another is failure to turn on upon being told so by the main board; this results in series of two fast and two slow blinks in the TV.

There sure are failures we have not seen yet.


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