Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vizio M470NV main board 3647-0302-0150 repair service available

I am happy to announce Coppell TV Repair LLC now offers repair service for the main board 3647-0302-0150 found in Vizio M470NV.

We also offer a board sale with trade-in option, but knowing how people tend to either not return old duds or return ones that have been badly tampered or - let's be honest - in some cases return duds that are perfectly intact and we still fail to repair - I wouldn't be surprised if we run out of working boards as well.

Just for the record, in order for us to announce a repair service it means we've been successful repairing a few and have typically seen at least two different issues; of course we are fully aware there's probably a whole lot more we haven't seen yet.

That is one of the reasons we do not promise success for any of our repairs (although for some we've done so many and have so many duds at the end of their life cycle we actually can promise a working board back, even if it means repairing and returning one of those old duds; then again, at this point of the life cycle people usually do not rely to repairs, but just buy cheap working boards off eBay..which is not always wise).

It is also one of the reasons why we do not charge upfront for any repair at .

A failed Vizio M470NV can cause loss of HDMI ports, loss of audio or video or TV that is totally dead, stuck to orange front LED or forever blinking and possibly others.

We also offer the flash memory IC (often referred to as EEPROM) for this and other Vizio models.


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