Thursday, April 3, 2014

"Please use audio 3 input for dvi connection" message on Sanyo TV

From the mail:

Dear Coppell TV Repair, after further testing the TV myself it doesn't have sound. It has great picture. Model is DP50741, chassis P50741-01, main board J4JF and when I switch to any HDMI input it says "Please use audio 3 input for DVI connection.
Can you fix it?"

Turned out we could.

The problem is not going to be limited to this particular Sanyo model, but since I haven't seen it before in this particular form I decided to post that article and let you know about it.

The board would work just fine on all other inputs, including TV, composite and component. Did not actually try the VGA input, but on the rest it would have sound and picture just fine.

Only on the HDMI inputs it would give the quoted "Please use audio 3 input for DVI connection."

We were split between the HDMI multiplexor, the main processor external memory where various configurations are stored and the standby processor external memory where also various configurations, including, for example, the audio muting selection, is stored.

Well long story short, this time it turned out to be the HDMI multiplexor IC.

Granted , it could have been one of the other two. Or something we didn't think of.

If you're not curious to experiment soldering ICs off and on to find out what caused it for you feel free to look at our board repair services at .

And if you feel adventurous then well, good luck and hope this was of help!


Unknown said...

I had the same problem when hooking up a new MiniBox from Cox Cable to my 2007 Sanyo HDTV. After Cox Cable couldn't find a solution, I called Sanyo, who said that my 2007 TV would not support the 2016 Minibox. My workaround is to cycle the TV through all the "input" options until it reaches "HDMI1" again. That way I get picture and sound.

Foksie said...
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Foksie said...

Sorry for necropost, but what exactly is the solution to get audio working on the hdmi inputs?

briana kessler said...

this is happening to me. I am not technical. My tv has worked fine with sound until today when we watched a dvd. It had sound but when we switched it back to dish tv we did not have sound and we do have the Please use audio 3 input for DVI connection message displayed on our tv. since I am not technical can you dumb this down for me and tell me how to fix it?

Cheryl Hernandez said...
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Cheryl Hernandez said...

I too am receiving the same signal about using audio 3 for DVI connection. I have a Sanyo model dp46840 and only having this problem with my new Amazon Firestick. How do I get the audio to work?

I hope someone can help me out. Thank You.

Chelsea Edwards said...

Did you get this fixed if so how ?? Im stumped...

Unknown said...

Did anyone find the problem out,i also have the same it the tv or dish network box.

Shari L said...

I have the same issue...Have not found any resolution to this problem. I wish someone would just explain how to fix it instead of posting how the connection works. Ive been everywhere on google and nobody gives clear answers.

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