Friday, April 12, 2013

Vizio GV42L display color mess puzzle - T-CON problem or main problem or what?

This is just something that puzzled me and I decided to post it here.

It's not the first nor the last time a TV displays such a problem, of course.

Below is the original customer message:

Dear Coppell TV Repair,
we purchased a Vizio 42" LCD tv in October 2006.  Model is GV42L and serial number is AHLEDGAG311057.  Problem is that when we turned it on the other night the screen was pink and the people were swirly, like psychedelic.  Sound is good.  Any ideas?


As you can see there is a woman in the middle...

I've seen some scrambled images, of course, but this one is a piece of art!

Just out of curiosity I looked up "psychedelic" on Google and this is the third picture it offered in the search results:

I'll be the first to admit art is not my strongest side, but you have to agree it's pretty darn close, eh?

What bothers me the TV actually broken and should it be fixed? Or should it be preserved as something with an original mind of its own? 

If not...then does the same logic apply to whoever created the below artwork? Don't even get me started on expressionists. Is that fixable? :-)


Akva Service said...

I have one here for repair too, It's like the vizio is on LSD! I have the same ethical dilemna, fix art? but the dollars win in this case. I'm going to fix it, I will post again when I find the problem, robert, Ashland TV ashland oregon

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